A three-day conference exploring how the observation of behavioural indicators and the utilisation of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques can help mitigate the threat posed by those with hostile or criminal intent.


Following the success of Behavioural Analysis 2018, which took place in Cardiff (14-15 March 2018), we are excited to announce the second edition of Behavioural Analysis which will be held at Mall of America®, Minneapolis, USA.

At the impressive Principality Stadium in the heart of the city of Cardiff, UK, Behavioural Analysis 2018 brought together 150 delegates including security industry leaders, regulators and academics from 30 countries to discuss both the latest and most established practices in non-racial profiling, stress responses, behavioural indicators and tactical risk analysis techniques.

In the current socio-political climate, sporting, music and other large-scale entertainment venues are becoming increasingly concerned about how they can protect themselves and the public from terrorist, criminal and other forms of attacks. Likewise, those in the security industry are under pressure to broaden their knowledge and skillset to deal with an array of threats that may be undetectable solely through technology or that may otherwise go unnoticed in large crowds.

Behavioural Analysis 2019 will offer valuable, practical insight into behavioural analysis techniques used to identify individuals with negative intent at large-scale sports and entertainment venues, transportation hubs, governmental institutions, and tourist attractions. As in Cardiff, the papers will include a blend of academic and practitioner viewpoints but will now be even more international in nature as we take the event across ‘The Pond’.

Behavioural Analysis 2019 is a must-attend conference for those responsible for the security of: Sports stadia, Mass transport hubs, Entertainment venues, Tourist attractions, Outdoor festivals & events, Shopping centres, Airports, Governmental institutions









Topics will include:

  • Hostile Reconnaissance Indicators
  • Lone Wolf Behaviour
  • Suicide Bomber Intervention
  • Recognising Mental Health Disorders
  • Group Offenders
  • Sexually Deviant Behaviour in Public
  • Crowd Dynamics
  • Non-Racial Profiling Techniques
  • Addressing Religious & Ethnic Concerns
  • Halo Effect & Stereotyping
  • Spotlight Effect & Paranoia
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • Questioning Styles
  • Intelligent CCTV
  • Voice, Temperature and Gait Analysis
  • Physiological Stress Indicators
  • Training to Detect
  • Behavioural Detection Officer Deployment
  • Communicating Concerns
  • Court-siding & Fixated Threats
  • Online Behavioural Analytics
  • Insider Threat Identification
  • Case Studies
  • Mall of America Tour

Our full programme will be announced shortly.

If you are interested in contributing your knowledge and expertise to this exciting event as a speaker, please contact our conference Chair, Philip Baum, at editor@avsec.com

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